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Advanced Family Chiropractic provides professional chiropractic services in Belpre Ohio. We take a long list of insurances and have very reasonable fees if you don't have insurance. Serving the entire Mid Ohio Valley.

If you're suffering from nerve pain, sciatica, a stiff back, a stiff neck, or a back injury preventing you from enjoying life. Let us help you.

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Over 30 years of professional services in Belpre and Marietta Ohio. Consultations are free.

Personal Injury

Have you been involved in a workplace or automobile accident? We have a long history of handling personal injury cases. We provide physical therapy services in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation to help you get back to normal after an accident.

Tailored Treatment

Pain and function are inversely tied togather and by correcting your function we can reduce your pain level. Every patient is different and has a different level of conditioning. That's why your treatment plan is custom tailored to you.

Home Treatment

Corrective measures and pain management doesn't stop after you walk out of the office. We carry a full line of medical products at each location. We have orthopedics, pillows, and biofreeze, along with many other correctional products.

Did you know we also provide affordable massage services on Wednesdays?