Attention: Those with HSA (Health Spending Accounts) please let us know up-front.

This is a list of insurances that we are in-network with and currentely accept at Advanced Family Chiropractic, LLC. All insurance must be verified by billing before you will be accepted for treatment. This does not apply to those patients paying at TOS (Time of Service).

This is not a gurantee of acceptance. Anything the insurance doesn't cover will be billed due on receipt.

To save time on our end, and on yours, please call ahead of time with your insurance information. You must bring a copy of your photo ID and insurance on your first visit, if it has been more than a year since your last visit, or if your insurance has changed in any way.

Most Major Insurances:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Aetna (Excluding Medicaid)
Medical Mutual
American Specialty Health Network
Workers Compensation
Personal Injury

This Section Only Applies To Those Paying Up-Front - This Section Does Not Apply To Medicaid or Those With Insurance

Fee Schedule TOS:

Exam Fee (First Time Patients)
Patients with long gaps in treatment.

Treatment (All)

Time of service discounts are availible to those patients paying for their services up-front with cash, debit, or check. All insurance billing will be done at the normal rates. First time patients for TOS are $55.00 and $35.00 for each visit thereafter. Patients with long gaps between treatments (typically more than a year) will need to be re-examined and will be treated as a new patient with all relevant fees.